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Your Maui moments can now become a lifestyle. Our real estate experts on the Valley Isle can share everything you need to know about vacation ownership of Maui's best timeshare.

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Contact Us About Vacation Ownership on Maui

Send us a message and we can help you explore vacation ownership of Maui’s best timeshare. One Napili Bay has an exclusive collection of just 14 dwellings. There are just few opportunities for fractional ownership of our sought after three-bedroom residences so get ready to own your dream vacation on Maui today. Join a collective of owners who believe this is Maui’s best timeshare for sale.

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We’re proud to say we’re different. We are not sales people. We’re owners. We live and play right alongside you. This is our west Maui vacation home too. Get ready to experience vacation ownership of Maui’s best timeshare.

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